Who is Frank?

Frank isn’t a person. It’s a state of being. LOL no it’s just the name of my newsletter. Consider it a pop culture inquiry. Frank conversations about whatever’s going on in my brain. I’m not exactly sure what this newsletter is, to be honest, but if you stick around you’ll find out as I discover that. Frank is a newsletter from Ira Madison III.

Okay then, what is Frank?

Frank is a newsletter where I write my life, the culture I interact with, and my pop culture obsessions. There will be at least one free weekly post. And weekly, I will post The Frank 10, a list of ten things I’m recommending. The Frank 10 is for paid subscribers.

Cool. Who are you?

I’m a writer, cultural critic, and host of the Crooked Media podcast Keep It, alongside my co-host Louis Virtel. I’m originally from Milwaukee, WI and based in Los Angeles, but spend large parts of my life in New York and Chicago. I have written for television shows like Daybreak, Nikki Fre$h, Q-Force, and Uncoupled. I had a cameo in the Netflix thriller series You. But most of all, I just love culture in all its aspects and every day I’m excited to have a part in making it as well.

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For paid subscribers ($6 for a month; or $60 for a year), you’ll have access to reviews and recommendations, and my other thoughts about pop culture that don’t make the cut on Keep It each week.

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