I'm writing a book

Pure Innocent Fun at Random House

From the official press release:

Via Random House:

Journalist, critic, and host of Crooked Media’s podcast “Keep It” Ira Madison III’s PURE INNOCENT FUN, a collection of essays that explores popular culture of the 1990s and earlier through Madison’s unique perspective and lived experiences as a Black, gay TV writer and cultural critic, has been sold to Jamia Wilson at Random House, at auction, by Erin Malone at William Morris Endeavor.

The title for my forthcoming book of essays comes from this iconic Nene Leakes quote (“it’s unfortunate that people can change something that was just pure innocent fun, into drama.”) from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. You can expect essays on my coming of age through my coming out, spliced with reflections on Buffy, Lil Kim, Passions, Scream, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, AOL Messenger, and more.

This newsletter will be a mix of me trying out ideas and also more of what you’re used to. There’s a tentative release date of Spring 2023, so I still have to write the book and then you will get all of the wonderful information on how to pre-order, book tours, etc.

Thank you to new readers and those who have been on this journey with me since I started writing about pop culture on the internet. It feels great to finally get to do start something that I’ve dreamed about since I first started eagerly buying Goosebumps books the day they dropped at the local B. Dalton Bookstore.